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Viola sororia

Common Name(s)
Dooryard violet
Flowering Time
April to June
Fruit/Seed Maturation Sign
Seeds turn black (must open a few capsules to check)
Fruit/Seed Collection Dates
Late June, early July

Of 240 seeds planted in a central Iowa demographic study, 76 (31.7%) germinated and 12 plants survivied to year 5; 11 flowered after an average of 4 years (Mabry in prep.). These grew into spreading local populations, where individual survival could no longer be measured (Mabry in prep.).

Seed output 25-100/plant; vegetative spread low (Barkely 1986, Gleason and Cronquist 1991).


Dooryard violet (Viola sororia)

Seed Cleaning
remove seeds from capsule
Dry storage might be tolerated, though Cullina (2000) reports this species as intolerant of dry storage
Restoration Potential