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Dicentra cucullaria

Common Name(s)
Dutchman's breeches
Flowering Time
April, May
Fruit/Seed Maturation Sign
Capsule looks plump and splits easily; seeds are black
Fruit/Seed Collection Dates
Late April, early May

Ant dispersed spring ephemeral (Gleason and Cronquist 1991).

Mature transplants added to a woodland degraded by cattle grazing in Wisconin were "healthy" in the six years that the plants were monitored, and with low mortality; the authors did not report whether they reproduced (Ellarson and Craven 1982) .

Two groups of transplants in a field study had 33% and 59% survival after 7 years (Mottl et al. 2006); has low seed production but high vegetative spread (Barkely 1986, Gleason and Cronquist 1991), suggesting that transplanting could be a successful method of re-introduction.

Dicentra cucullaria fruit

Seed Cleaning
Remove from capsule
Intolerant of dry storage (Cullina 2000)
Restoration Potential